Owning your online brand

When we are doing domain brokering or consulting on any domain names that are connected with any business, brand, or organization we always give this piece of advice: own your online brand.

For example, when we were consulting for a local blog in Fresno, California we landed on the fun and quirky domain fresnolandia.com. Since this was going to be an online publication exclusively with no print product, we recommended that we also purchase fresnolandia.net and fresnolandia.org so no one else could horde in on the very unique name.

Obviously, you don’t have run three different sites for each of the domain names you wind up purchasing, you simply forward the domain traffic to the dot com. That means fresnolandia.net and fresnolandia.org to land on fresnolandia.com. It just makes too much sense to keep your online brand firmly in your own hand.

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